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The Company

Quem somos

Diretoria                       Everything you built with love and sacrifice is more valued, which leads us to maintain a constant concern to secure the achievements of life. That is why the subject security is increasingly at stake, both personally and in the field sheet.

It was to meet this need, which together, professionals with extensive experience in the private security sector, founding the Company “Decimus Vigilância Patrimonial LTDA“, the main difference the quality of our services and experience of its directors in the world of private security; men constantly put to the test in numerous situations where an error by less than might seem to lose a career highlights, a heritage, a precious asset.

Revista Our labor, is composed of experienced players, all with at least ten years in function, you press, particularly the dialogue and the harmonization of the environments in which they are always acting in a discreet and efficient.

These agents than the courses required for the exercise of the function are mostly derived from the armed forces and/or public security forces, which have acquired vast experience in dealing with the public in normal situations and if necessary, in situations of danger in view also trained in fire fighting and first aid.

It also has bilingual staff and experts in martial arts.

Fardamento de vigilancia patrimonial      For over ten years of experience, the Decimus‘s managers personally commanded the teams of agents responsible for the protection of the greatest personalities of show business and the business, successfully performing their mission.

The Decimus provides to its customers and ensures full legality, acting in accordance with federal law that determines which addresses the subject, as well as municipal bodies, state and federal monitoring.